Theory of Change


Voices That Shake! brings together young people, activists, educators and artists to challenge social and climate injustice, with a focus on addressing racial inequality.

What We Do:

Using a model of personal transformation and structural change, to challenge established imbalanced power-bases and re-imagine new infrastructures in opposition to capitalism and colonialism.

We build holistic decolonial educational programmes and creative campaigns to foster a catalytic and self-determined community of creative organisers/leaders embedded in and  led by the grassroots. Together we work towards and cultivate transformative justice, systemic change and community accountability.

We work collectively to centre the leadership and solutions of the marginalised, to uplift and politicise the role that young people of colour have, to prefigure the world we would like to live in: diverse, just, sustainable, community-led and resilient.

** This Theory of Change was written as a collective effort with the core team, our long-term collaborators and Shake! participants.