Shake! featured in new book: Playing for Time: Making Art as if the World Mattered

Shake! has been featured alongside other arts/ activism projects in Lucy Neal’s new book: Playing for Time: Making Art as if the World Mattered. We get a mention in the Activism chapter alongside UK Uncut, Fracking campaigns and others. Our couple of pages features poetry from Orla, quotes from Zareen, a write up from Farzana […]

Grainne Aldred: Voice that Shakes and Sends Ripples

At our recent Shake! showcase graphic artist & film-maker Grainne Aldred bravely volunteered to step out of her comfort zone and host the night with Lateef. On the way down to London she wrote this piece to share with us: “I am a part time factory girl and part time graphic artist living in Lancaster […]

Shake! Showcase #4: Remembering, Re-imagining, Reparations

Last Thursday 26th of June we held our fourth Shake! showcase at Free Word Centre. Shakers present and past got together in an amazing line up of poetry, fiction, music and film, targeting pressing social and political issues. The weeks prior to the showcase were intense. We had planning meetings, rehearsals, worked on our poetry […]

Shake! Showcase #4: Remembering,Re-imagining, Reparations

Shake! Showcase #4: Thursday 26th June 6pm @ The Free Word Centre  An explosive showcase from the participants of the fourth Shake! course. An explosive showcase from the participants of the fourth Shake! course. Featuring freshly created poetic, filmic & musical responses to injustice from: Poets >> Arkady Johns / Carmela Cuesta / Maaike Boumans […]

We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For…Shake! 2014

Shake! intensive course as per usual – INTENSE and immense.  Thank you to all the wonderful participants and facilitators who created such an imaginative, trusting and powerful space to be in last week. As Sai would say “Hold tight and hug tight” for some upcoming blogs on the week, our Shake! film and of course […]

Marcina Arnold: Poetry and Music

The multi-talented Marcina Arnold is joining Shake! for the second time to collaborate with our poets, helping turn their work into beautiful and powerful musicalised pieces of spoken word or song. As a contribution to our reflections on our current Shake! themes, “Remembering, Re-imagining, Reparations”, Marcina shared with us her poem Common Rumour, which was […]

Applications open for #Shake2014 at Stephen the Lawrence Centre

Our next shake up >> 17th-21st February 2014 << at the Stephen Lawrence Centre Charitable Trust. Applications now open for our FREE! 5 day course on Art/ Race/ Media/ Power for 16-25’s.See below for more info & how to apply  ======================================= Art can be a powerful non-violent force for change. Each day Shake! creative workshops will […]

Zena’s Thoughts on the Three R’s- Remembering, Re-imagining, Reparations

This will be my fourth time as a Shake! facilitator and the third time as  core team intensive 5-day course deviser. Shake! 1: The pilot “Arts Race and Power” course honoured the lives of aspiring architect and London youth Stephen Lawrence, and the eco-activist and Nigerian Ogoni Tribesman writer Ken Saro-Wiwa and used their stories […]

Paula on the 3 R’s Re-imagining, Remembering, Reparations

Shake! intensive at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre My name is Paula, I joined Shake! as a volunteer last August, and I have recently become part of the Shake! core team. Most of my work is around art and social change, be it as an artist, activist, or cultural manager. I am also, at the […]

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