Guest Blog by Saara: Review of Riots Reframed

–> Hello! My name is Saara and I’m going to be helping with the continuity workshops at Shake! Particularly with the monthly film screenings. I am really excited to get involved and learn from everybody!  I recently graduated from Leeds Uni in International Development and Spanish and am now a freelance journalist and learning to […]

Zena Edwards in new video documentary on ‘riots’

Check out a taster of this critical new film coming out soon, this one featuring Zena Edwards. To follow what’s happening with the film VoiceOver: Riots Reframed, go here.They write: ‘VoiceOver: Riots Reframed’ is an independent documentary aimed at countering mainstream discourse on last year’s riots and riots that occur in poor, racialised and marginalised communities […]

Videos of Shake! at Rebellious Media Conference

Those good people at RMC have now put up a great compilation of videos from Shake’s session “The Unheard: Youth, ‘the riots’ and the media” at the 2011 conference in London. Watch recordings from the session itself, plus interviews and poetry performed by Rotimi, Samia, Selina and Kadish (Leeds Young Authors).   Also watch interviews with […]

‘Arts & Activism, Culture and Resistance’ event, 18th February, London

Just booked tickets to this event for young people, artists and activists at London Metropolitan Archives near Farringdon. LMA have a big collection on anti-racist struggle in London in their Black Caribbean Community Archives*. Looks really really interesting, with great artists running sessions including Roshini Kempadoo, Jean Joseph, Errol Lloyd, and includes a youth conference. […]

The Unheard: more great feedback

Ro, Kadish, Selina on the panel The emails are still coming in about Shake’s event “The Unheard: Youth, the ‘riots’, and the media” at Rebellious Media Conference on 9th October. “…I was over at the Rebellious Media Conference and caught the discussion on the London riots that you  guys were involved in facilitating. It was fantastic…..”  From Rabble […]

Mainstream Media Coverage of UK “Riots” compared to War Reporting: John Pilger & Greg Philo at the Rebellious Media Conference

We had an amazing and inspiring experience at the Rebellious Media Conference this weekend and a full house and lively discussion for our session on Unheard Voices: Youth,‘The Riots’ and the Media. A proper write up and review of that event and more links soon but for now here is the discussion on the mainstream […]

IGNITE – Poem by Rotimi Skyer

Written on the night ot Tottenham unrest. More voices of our Positive Young please. Peace. IgniteFireBlack engulfs da airSmoke blocks out skyHands raised up high…FireBlack is da youthEmotions feel da heatppl burnt too much to retreat FireBullet tears thru blackPigs grunt in their styMama, mama looks up to da sky oh my oh my at da […]

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