An Eye-full of #COP21 Paris

We’ve just returned from solidarity actions and engagement with indigenous and frontline communities at the alternative COP21 summit in Paris. Sending love & light to all our friends, allies from black & brown frontline communities & indigenous folk coming from all over the world, (still) holding it down right now in Paris. ‘In colonial history, […]

Samia Aziz: Two Pennies on the Veil ‘Debate’

Two pennies on the face veil ‘debate’   There is no doubt that the issue of the  veil, niqaab, worn by some Muslim women is increasingly featuring in Politics and the media. An MP refuses to see members of his constituency if they wear such a garment, a University Student Union calls to ban it, and the Home Minister insists we […]

Official: Shake! Showcase At Least 18% Better Than Glastonbury

Gender issues get a lot of discussion here at Shake! so it was with interest that we saw this article today on the representation of women on the line-up at festivals. We thought it only fair that we checked ourselves and with a hasty count-up and re-design of our Verse/Voice/Power poster from last Sunday’s event […]

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