Climate change: who should we trust?

By Orla PriceOn 30 September this year the Free Word Centre held a discussion on the topic ‘Trust and the environment’. The discussion centred on what sources of information we could trust in the face of climate change, and how education, the media, politics and the public perceived threats to the environment. What I found […]

Grainne Aldred: Voice that Shakes and Sends Ripples

At our recent Shake! showcase graphic artist & film-maker Grainne Aldred bravely volunteered to step out of her comfort zone and host the night with Lateef. On the way down to London she wrote this piece to share with us: “I am a part time factory girl and part time graphic artist living in Lancaster […]

Shake! Showcase #4: Remembering, Re-imagining, Reparations

Last Thursday 26th of June we held our fourth Shake! showcase at Free Word Centre. Shakers present and past got together in an amazing line up of poetry, fiction, music and film, targeting pressing social and political issues. The weeks prior to the showcase were intense. We had planning meetings, rehearsals, worked on our poetry […]

Shake! Showcase #4: Remembering,Re-imagining, Reparations

Shake! Showcase #4: Thursday 26th June 6pm @ The Free Word Centre  An explosive showcase from the participants of the fourth Shake! course. An explosive showcase from the participants of the fourth Shake! course. Featuring freshly created poetic, filmic & musical responses to injustice from: Poets >> Arkady Johns / Carmela Cuesta / Maaike Boumans […]

Hamza on Shake! Showcase: The showcase that “Emboldens” and shakes the “Energetic Apathy –

Shake Showcase! The third edition of the course was held in August 5-9th at the landmark Bernie Grants Art Centre in Tottenham and the theme was Power, Propaganda and Perceptions. What the bright young people (16-25 years old) produced from poetry, music and film was showcased at the Free Word Centre in Farringdon on the […]

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