Shakaring: Rep The Road

Rep The Road: Our series on repairing the routes and roads of colonial violence in our communities, building roads to representation beyond tokenism, and reppin’ from the streets! An invitation for our next Shakaring – an intimate sharing space and community Scratch Night! ( only limited spaces due to capacity rsvp to confirm space)  This […]

Holly: Some reflections on #Headspace.

It’s no surprise to hear that things have been Shaken right up once again! The 5th Shake! intensive course began with a dive straight into the deep end, with the group discussing some of the impacts that capitalism has on society, the education system, and our relationships. This Shake! intensive focused on Headspace: from the […]

HeadSpace Update: Challenging narratives and creating new stories & spaces

It’s the second day of the Shake #Headspace course, and we’re deep in discussions around narratives.  We started exploring building our own narratives and conceiving how we can challenge  power and dominant narratives with our own stories. Yesterday we discussed issues of power and who has the control over dominant narratives in our society. Analysing […]

Esther puts BRITAIN ON TRIAL for Libyan War Crimes

AFRIKA SPEAKS with Sister EkuaWeds 8-10pm We were incredibly fortunate to have Esther Stanford-Xosei feature on our Britain On Trial programme and the Verdict she delivered to bring together all the issues of the day was a powerful, fitting and marvellous close to the event. Audio up on the blog soon… As ever, Esther […]

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