NEW NARRATIVES – Shake’s Social Policy Seminar

For four months, we at Shake! knocked about the idea of what the content for our “Social Policy seminar” should be. We rigorously discussed how it should function as a tool for change.  It only came to light after two months that we had an  issue with the title – social policy seminar. Not because […]

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate – Suli Breaks

Great Video about how some young people are wise to some of the failings of the education system. Virtually every line hits a point of observation to provoke thoughts about how education catergorizes people, and lacks true bearing to the current affairs in the real world. A serious comment on the future for young people. Thanks to […]

Supporting Malala, supporting girls’ rights to education

(If you want to go straight to her interview, it starts at 1min 4 seconds. She speaks in English) Malala Yusufzai, 14, who has been campaigning for girls’ education and against religious extremism since the age of 11, was shot in the head last week in Pakistan, by members of the Taliban.  This assassination attempt […]

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