Shake! ’13 @SLCT, The Low down…

Having completed our first Shake! intensive for 2013 we are bursting with ideas, continuity projects and creative ways to use our voices to shake things up. The week at the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust was truly inspiring, uplifting and emotional. Through invigorating and eye-opening discussions, skill-shares, workshops and via the mediums of spoken word poetry, […]

DJ Eric Soul Shaking from Rwanda

Shake! 2013 at the Stephen Lawrence Centre is GO! DJ Eric Soul – our valued team Shake! music facilitator since 2010 may be many miles away in the beautiful surrounds of Rwanda but by the power of (slightly temperamental) technology he will be joining us every morning to share his unique energy, enthusiasm and musical activism insights. […]

Ballad of the Earth – a poem in Tribute to Ken Saro-Wiwa

Tanya shares a chillingly descriptive poem tackling the ecological state of the world. Tanya is brave new writer confronting issues head on with sharp vision. She takes you deep into the world of the poem as you read the words along with her. Ballad of the Earth The guns shake the voices beneath the hollow […]


Kavi,  Thank you for this eloquent and insightful piece of your mind, as always, this group never cease to amaze me, how interesting the way each participants picked up differents things during the Shake Week. As you come to know, aint nothing weird about caring for others. I would say its even odd so few […]

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