Shake! Artist/Activist Training Day #2

2014 is coming to an end, and we’ve got one final exciting Shake! event for you all before we welcome the new year: our youth-led training day! Our second Youth-Led Continued Professional Development (CPD) training day, taking place on December 14th, will be an opportunity for the young participants from Shake! to offer training workshops […]

When Students Are The Teachers – Shakers are the Facilitators: Power Sharing

“Education as Freedom.  Through dialogue,  the teacher-of-the-students and the students-of-the-teacher (terminology)  ceases to exist and a new term emerges:  teacher-student with students-teachers… The students — no longer docile listeners —  are now critical co-investigators in dialogue with the teacher.”  – Paulo Friere   Shake! Mission Statement, Item No.4   To unite the energy of artistic generations  to […]

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