Shake February 2014 sharing

 Another February half term. Another Shake Intensive. This Shake was perhaps one of the most free-flowing organic Shakes we’ve had. The discussions were epic with Adam Cooper provoking us to think about policing when we are aware of our rights as citizens, while Mark Fisher’s discussion was a historical journey through social justice with an […]


Amenah gives an unashamed account of a journey discovering her inner power, identity and her voice. It’s an honest and personal account of self definition through her culture, entering womanhood as a young Woman of African descent with a firm spirituality at her core.  She bravely exposes her inner fears. Something many of us are […]

HEY STEVIE – A tribute poem for Stephen Lawrence by Rotimi Skyers

Reviewed by Zena A hard hitting poem by a young man who had never written poetry before but found his voice in less than a week!! Another piece that successfully communicates the waste of life to race hate as Rotimi almost puts himself in the place of Stephen. He shows respect to UK Hip Hop Artist […]

INJUSTICE – A poem written my K.K Johnson

Stephen-Lawrence died before his time. His death brought about the creation of this centre. A charitable trust created in remembrance of him. He was an architect in training. And a brave and intelligent person. – K.K Johnson Review by Zena –  K.K writes with an uncomplicated style that penetrates and provokes thought. Her poetry resonates […]

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