Healing Justice Collective began as a collaboration by Women of Colour living in London. We are committed to working towards repairing and rebalancing harms and violences by allowing and opening space for healing, reparation and reimagining by those affected. We believe in community healing as resistance and take a heart centred approach to this work.

We honour and integrate  indigenous, black, brown and spiritual traditions which remind that we build, create, understand, restore and cultivate profound intimacy.

We work together on tools to help our communities undo harm, heal and regenerate. We create workshops, trainings and skill share for people in our Black and Brown, working class and LGBTQI communities.

healing justice group

Healing Justice is co-ordinated by Farzana Khan and Saara Jaffery-Roberts. We are supported by and work with a collective of artists, bodyworkers, facilitators and community organisers.


healing justice group


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