Raven Row Open House

On Saturday 4 May 2019 Voices that Shake! and Healing Justice Ldn presented poetry, dance and film, considering themes of race, gentrification, health, art and public imagination at the Raven Row Open House.   Artists presenting from Shake! included: AHHA AHHA Tasmia Salim Annick Metefia Farzana Khan Monique Etienne    Here’s a video of Monique performing her […]

Sarah Reed – Shake! statement of support

Sarah Reed – Shake! statement of support: Please come to this vigil tonight, 7pm outside Holloway Prison. Sarah Reed’s murder holds up what we know already, we know that people of colour and women will only ever be safe outside the system. Outside state structures that are in fact systems of oppression. Sarah encountered state […]

Moving from ‘no borders’ to broaderland for the borderless

Farzana Khan makes the case for a new way of being open. (web exclusive via New Internationalist magazine) Image © Erin Konsmo www.erinmariek.com Reflections: what does a commitment to no borders look like? Borders are set up to define the places that are safe and unsafe, to distinguish us from them. A border is a dividing […]

An Eye-full of #COP21 Paris

We’ve just returned from solidarity actions and engagement with indigenous and frontline communities at the alternative COP21 summit in Paris. Sending love & light to all our friends, allies from black & brown frontline communities & indigenous folk coming from all over the world, (still) holding it down right now in Paris. ‘In colonial history, […]

Home Cooking: Trauma Genes by Sammy Brough

Congratulations to Sammy for her commission to produce the latest Apples & Snakes Homecooking podcast. Sammy was inspired to create this project on the subject of Trauma Genes after studying and responding to Audre Lorde’s poem “Litany for Survival” during our recent #StatesOfViolence 5-day intensive arts/activism course at the Stephen Lawrence Centre. This spoken word […]

Shake! well-being skills pool: Top tips for surviving the system

Here are some of the Shake!r’s top tips for countering and surviving the system: The importance of finding and defining community, and the coming together of like-minded people through ideas. co-operation = good! oppressing your friends = not so good… We must maintain awareness that there is a dominant narrative, and question whose interest it […]

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