A Reminder for Our Liberal Selves

by Sai Murray

A Reminder for Our Liberal Selves:

Black people are systematically destroyed by the media and the marketers

as well as by police bullets.

Black voices are destroyed by well-meaning White voices

We do know… it’s Christmas
We know what time it is
We have known the time, calculated the time
lived in rhythm with the moon cycle and seasons for […]

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Qawwali Flamenco Brexit Beat

In a taxi with desi immigrant uncle, jammin to some spanish/urdu qawwali flamenco from my phone. He invites me to listen to music to remove some of the rage & sadness from my face. ‘Abba listen to music it will make u happy’.

I mention how I hope it doesn’t rain, he tells me that it […]

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Support Shake! upskill & skillshare at Allied Media Conference (Detroit)


For the last 5 months the Shake team has been on a sabbatical, but that doesn’t mean we have not been beavering away planning  a dynamic and pioneer direction the next 5 years the Voices that Shake Family and Movement will be headed in.


Our dedication to pioneer reinvigorated pedagogical practices in youth arts and activism prompts […]

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So many wins right now (YASS!) G4S out of Israel, BP out of Tate (congrats to all my colleagues and friends working so hard on this), and a cheeky win as one of the 8 WoC changing feminism for my personal shero Mia Mingus (you deserve it and more, thank you for all that you […]

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Sarah Reed – Shake! statement of support

Sarah Reed – Shake! statement of support:

Please come to this vigil tonight, 7pm outside Holloway Prison. Sarah Reed’s murder holds up what we know already, we know that people of colour and women will only ever be safe outside the system. Outside state structures that are in fact systems of oppression. Sarah encountered state violence […]

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Resistance Is Fertile – Showcase feedback

We had a full house and a thoroughly engaged audience at our 6th Shake! showcase of film, poetry, music, song, zines and creativity. Pure magic, beauty and power.

Big love and thank you to all the beautiful people that made the night so special.  ♥♥♥

Here’s a selection of feedback we received:

it was amazing as always last […]

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Shake! Showcase no.6 – #ResistanceIsFertile

*** 26th January 2016 ***

Our 6th Shake! showcase is gonna be a biggie!

Teaming up with the afro-funky family vibes of Numbi we’ll be presenting poetic, filmic & musical responses to injustice (themed around #StatesOfViolence + #FoodFight) from the participants on our 2015 Shake! courses.


Full line-up to be […]

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Moving from ‘no borders’ to broaderland for the borderless

Farzana Khan makes the case for a new way of being open.

(web exclusive via New Internationalist magazine)

Image © Erin Konsmo www.erinmariek.com

Reflections: what does a commitment to no borders look like?
Borders are set up to define the places that are safe and unsafe, to distinguish us from them. A border is a dividing line, a […]

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An Eye-full of #COP21 Paris

We’ve just returned from solidarity actions and engagement with indigenous and frontline communities at the alternative COP21 summit in Paris.

Sending love & light to all our friends, allies from black & brown frontline communities & indigenous folk coming from all over the world, (still) holding it down right now in Paris.

‘In colonial history, it is […]

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Shake! #FoodFight Reflections

By Jethro Jenkins

Shake! is a 5-day intensive course for 16-25 yr olds, consisting of creative workshops designed to equip them with the tools they need to fight oppression and build campaigns in their communities. Through various art forms – poetry, filmmaking, music and zine-making – and in an environment in which oppressive ideas are deconstructed […]

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